Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Welcome to the start of Rayner Gaming

About Rayner Gaming

Rayner Gaming is a indie game studio not developing next gen games but games of a slightly different style. Mainly in the form of management games. We will try and get our games on steam but if we don't we will sell the games from our website.

Our First Project

Our first project is a fairly ambitious start a management game that is based on the racing world. It is simulation/RPG game where you take control of a driver from 14 years of age to 80 you can race till the age of 50 in certain championships. You can also create teams in any championship in the world and each game you play will be hugely different from the previous with random names and stats for each driver in each championship. You can even create engine plants where you can create engines for any racing championship in the world of the game. If you also want to you can sponsor a driver from the start of their career and get them to the level you want them to get to and you can do this while you are still racing and even get them to become your team mate eventually and you don't need to have your own team for this as you can make contract negotiations with teams on his behalf and get a cut. Now this game is not going to have it's own super cool 3D driving engine to make the most spectacular 3D racing experience in the world of racing but it will be a fun 2D management game based on the racing world. When you get to races with pit stops you can even select your own race strategy which could help you win that much needed race. If you don't want to do strategy thats fine the team will do it for you. Also if you have teams in more than 1 championship you can hire a manager for any team or all teams and let them do all the choices for R&D and contract negotiations and sponsorship.

This game will be the ultimate racing sim and this blog will be the place for latest news and development and when we get our own website we will use this blog as the news and use the website for other things like forum hosting and will be where we sell the game.

Sponsorship and bonus game material

For all our games you can sponsor our game especially if the game needs names for people. Our first game Racing Life will have a sponsorship where you pay us x amount it will be announced better when the game is getting closer to release. Basically you will get all versions of the game(including alpha's, beta's and even special version of the game and a steam key (if the game gets launched in steam) and this is only for purchasing the sponsor package when it is available from our site. This is only a per game sponsorship and will cost around $10 - $30 dollars more than what the game will be sold on steam. You will get your name in the highest championship in the game (obviously until you reach retiring point in that championship) as well as your driver name having a stat in the games hall of fame. This is our way of saying thank you for helping us develop the game better. Also your name will be in the startup of every game and not just  every couple of games. So your name will be come a famous name in the game.

Bonus Material is something we may add how it works is if you give us a feature you want us to implement and why your feature should be implemented and we implement it you will get the DLC with your feature for free obviously this is after public release. The addon with around 5 - 10 new features will cost around $5 if we make enough money to get licenses from official championships we will with quarterly to semi-yearly DLC to update that championship but this is in the future if we get to that many games sold if we don't we don't mind we will just continue to release addons to the game some will be free and some will be at extra cost.

After Racing Life

Rayner Games will most likely create simulations of other genre's like a computer company sim or even other style's of sims but Racing Life will be our flagship product and will be the only game that we add content to yearly

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